General data

Population:  200.4 million
Labor force: 109.8 million
Unemployment rate: 9%
GDP per capita (PPS): 11,208 dollars

Domestic market value of the fashion industry: 49 billion dollars
Total labor force in fashion: 33,000
Number of people employed in fashion: 1.7 million


  • Number of fashion companies: 33,000
    Total annual production: 11 000

    Havaianas, part of the Alpargatas group and manufacturer of flip flops is not only the most popular and best-known fashion brand from Brazil. It also ranks second among the Top 5 Largest Brazilian Fashion Companies.

    The following table shows the largest companies in fashion from Brazil.

      Company name Market value Annual revenue Company type
    1 Grendene S.A. 1.5 billion dollars 638 million dollars Public
    2 Alpargatas S.A. 1.3 billion dollars 1.1 billion dollars Public
    3 Guararapes Confeccoes S.A. 988 million dollars 1.58 billion dollars Public
    4 Lojas Renner S.A. 743 million dollars 954 million dollars Public
    5 Cia Hering S.A. 694 million dollars 480 million dollars Public
  • Annual expenditure on clothing and footwear: 48.6 billion dollars

  • Total exports of textile, apparel and footwear: 3.5 billion dollars

    Exports of clothing and textiles: 2.3 billion dollars

    Raw cotton: 1.1 billion dollars
    Nonwoven textiles: 173 million dollars
    Synthetic filament yarn: 66 million dollars
    Artificial filament tow: 50 million dollars

    Exports of footwear and headwear: 1.25 billion dollars

    Footwear, with leather body: 503 million dollars
    Other footwear of rubber or plastics: 494 million dollars
    Parts of Footwear: 158 million dollars
    Footwear, with textile body: 67 million dollars


    Total imports of textiles, apparel and footwear: 7.8 billion dollars

    In Brazil, imports valued up to 3,000 dollars have a tax mark-up of 60 percent. Therefore apparel and footwear are not among the country's highests imports.

    Imports of clothing: 6.7 billion dollars

    Synthetic filament yarn: 775 million dollars
    Woven fabrics of synthetic filament yarn: 570 million dollars
    Women’s suit not knit: 317 million dollars
    Women’s shirt not knit: 243 million dollars
    T-shirts: 181 million dollars
    Sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts, etc: 158 million dollars

    Imports of footwear and headwear: 1.1 billion dollars

    Footwear, with textile body: 339 million dollars
    Other footwear of rubber or plastics: 93 million dollars
    Footwear, with leather body: 90 million dollars
    Parts of footwear; 68 million dollars